The Trustees all play an integral role in the success of Trawden Forest Community Centre. As well as their active participation in the general running of the centre, several Trustees have additional duties.

Without this fabulous mix of personalities and backgrounds Trawden Community Centre would not be where it is today. Everyone brings something to ‘the table’ and keeps the centre alive and flourishing.

The Trustees – and indeed the centre also have the support of a team of fantastic volunteers that enable us to put on events both public and private throughout the year. The Trawden Dressers have been born from this and they are always open to new people to assist in decorating the Centre for events. Merriment is generally guaranteed.

If you would like more information about being a trustee or a volunteer please get in touch with us.

Our current Trustees are as follows;

Steven Wilcock



Chris Whittaker Webb



Gill Smith

Assistant Treasurer


Maureen Askew

Grant & Bids


Therese Edmonds

Vice Chair


Liz Berridge



Ian Waddington

Bar Manager / Maintenance


Andrew Taylor

Social Media Trustee

Bob Glozier


Jeanette Shepherd

Minute Taker


Mary Patten

Volunteer Organiser


Michelle Hartley


Karl Whittaker